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Why is a Coolant Exchange Needed?

Radiator fluid, which is also known as coolant had a vital role in every vehicle. It flows through the radiator and engine through a system of hoses. Its role is to prevent the engine from overheating or freezing. Like brake fluid and engine oil, it must be replaced periodically to prevent a total deterioration. Old coolant becomes acidic over time causes a failure in the engine.

How often should you change coolant?

· Roughly every 30,000 miles.

· A rule of thumb is to replace the coolant when the indicator is between the min and max level.

· If you find that the color of the coolant has changed during a routine inspection or a layer of dirt on the fluid then replace it immediately.

Tips about coolant exchanging

1. Never check the coolant level when the engine is hot. You could get burned.

2. Routine draining and replacing coolant fluid will increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

3. Make sure that the coolant levels in the vehicle do not drop. If you find the levels low, then get an inspection for leaks done immediately.

4. Use the coolant recommended by the manufacturer.

Coolant fluid does more than keeping an engine cool. It prevents scale build-up and corrosion. So, keep this in mind and top off coolant as needed. Your car will thank you for it. If you are worried about your vehicle’s coolant or any other component, come to Sawgrass Cadillac your local dealer for a free inspection. See here for all our coupons for your chance to save big!