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A car needs regular maintenance to make sure that it runs smoothly. While there are some parts that require an expert hand, there are many maintenance items that can be carried out by a car aficionado. Replacing a car’s spark plugs can be a do it yourself job if you are comfortable being around a car engine and do not mind getting your hands dirty. Here’s how you can do it.

The first thing you should do is find out the spark plug your car uses. While there are different types that can work with your car. Stick to the original for now and experiment when you have a bit more confidence.

  • Put a towel over the fender as you will be leaning over the engine for quite a while. This will protect the paint. Remember to mark the location of each wire before removing anything. A couple of pictures on your phone won’t hurt and will help at the time of putting them back on the right spot.
  • Modern cars use coil packs instead of distribution and ignition wires because they are more reliable. Remove the bolt which holds the ignition coil. Follow up by unplugging the ignition wires connected to the coil. Next, lift the coil straight up and out of the manifold.
  • Once you’ve removed all four coils, attach a piece of tape between the ratchet extension and the spark plug socket. Loosen each spark plug carefully and gently. Pull it out of the engine and have a look at what color each spark plug is.
  • Use a gap tool if required to adjust the space between the electrodes. Follow up by sliding the plug on the standardized tool and adjust the distance based on your manufacturers’ suggested gap. Add a bit of anti-seize onto the threads and be careful to not get them on the electrodes.
  • Reinstall the plugs by avoiding cross-threading. Once the threads are started, use a rachet extension to give the plug a quarter turn under tension. Do not tighten it too much as you might break the porcelain.
  • Finish up by screwing the coil to the manifold for all cylinders and then replace the manifold cover when done.

It looks complicated, but after doing it once, you’ll be doing it like you’ve done it your whole life. If you are not comfortable DIY bring it to the service experts at Sawgrass Cadillac where our expert auto repair and maintenance technicians can take care of your vehicle maintenance and any necessary auto repair. We are located in Sunrise, FL near Pompano, Weston and Coral Springs. We service all makes and models so no matter what you drive we can fix or give maintenance.