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Improving Fuel Economy

The price of fuel has been consistently increasing and drivers are facing new challenges to come up with new means for improving fuel economy. The way a driver drives his/her vehicle has a big impact on fuel consumption.

Factors such as using cruise control, slower speeds, and using the pedals properly can contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency. At the same time, when a car is well-maintained with a well-tuned engine, proper alignment, and adequately-inflated tires, the gas tank will last longer.

If you are serious about improving the performance of your car, these are five modifications that can enhance fuel efficiency:

  1. Cold air intake kit
    While this might appear to be a small mod, the temperature can highly affect fuel efficiency as well as your vehicle. This usually is an aftermarket system that can supply cool air into the vehicle’s internal combustion engine.
  2. Real-time engine monitoring
    Such devices can be plugged into the On-Board Diagnostic System of your vehicle. These devices can enhance your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as drivers can get immediate feedback on the way their driving habits influence fuel economy. Many newer cars have this built it.
  3. Air filters
    Air filters permit the flow of more air into your car’s engine so that the fuel/air combination can be used more efficiently. These filters also block impurities and contaminants, which slowly downgrade performance over time. They are made of fabric and are washable so keeping it clean is ideal.
  4. Grounding cables
    These cables and wires are an essential part of the electrical system. A car relies on electrical wiring, relays, and fuses for operating systems like stereos, fans, lights, air conditioners, and DVD players. Make sure all these are working properly.
  5. Vacuum gauges
    It is a low-tech and economical device that can measure fuel economy immediately as it monitors the manifold vacuum. The concept is that when the manifold vacuum is higher, it will lead to better fuel economy.

These tips will make you get better fuel economy and could make your car last longer in between gas pit stops. Getting better gas mileage is a great way to save money and could have a result in your car last longer. Our dealership located right next to Ft. Lauderdale has expert technicians that could take a look and ensure you are getting optimal fuel economy. Come down and see our services and appointments here.